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Natural State Doulas

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Natural State Doulas is a partnership of birth workers and educators, offering you a variety of services here in "the natural state." From prenatal education and birth support, to lactation help and postpartum care (and more!), we are here to ease your transition as you grow your family. Whether this is your first journey into parenthood, or if you've traveled this path many times, we are honored to walk beside you and offer our knowledge and care. Our mission is for every family to feel supported during their unique journey. NSD is here to offer unbiased care to everyone within our community, through our carefully crafted individualized services.

"Birth is a rite of passage of women. Their journey should be honored, their rights should be fiercely protected, and their stories should be shared." - Marcie Macari

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Why Naturopathy

Why a Doula?

A doula is a trained professional who supports you throughout pregnancy, birth, and the months beyond. Doulas do not replace your choice of care provider, but are a welcome addition to YOUR team. We will be there to offer individualized care every step of the way.


A doula supports the birth that YOU want. We know every unique person has their own birth goals, and will offer unbiased support of yours.


We are here to help you create a supportive village and to offer valuable local resources when you need them.


Doulas know that birth doesn't always go as planned. We promote calm and offer beneficial information when unexpected situations arise.


We have lots of knowledge when it comes to birth and we love to utilize it! Doulas are there to remove unnecessary pain and to promote smooth labor progression. We offer both physical and emotional support during pregnancy and birth.


A doula isn't only for the mother; we support your loved ones and work with the whole team. A doula can enable your partner to feel confident and more involved during the birth.


Doula support doesn't end at birth! Feeding questions? Night time worries? Need a listening ear or an extra hand? We're there for you.

What Makes Us Different?

Our goal is to provide each and every client with outstanding service! That is why we provide every client with not one, but TWO Doulas to offer information, support, and community. We work in a partnership model, providing you with double the knowledge and experience.

With this approach to care, you will have two doulas at your prenatal visits and offering pregnancy support. Each doula brings her own set of qualifications and expertise to best guide you and your partner during this special time. One doula will attend your birth, while the partner remains available as needed. Having two doulas on-call removes worries of overlapping births and also allows the length of labor to not be a concern to anyone involved. There will always be fresh support readily available. Two doulas. There for you no matter what.


"Jac was my doula for my most recent birth and I highly recommend her. As a mother who wanted as natural of an experience as possible in a hospital setting, I don’t think I could have accomplished this without her unending support. Jac was so helpful to me during the third trimester specifically when I was as diagnosed with both gestational diabetes and pre eclampsia. Her advice and support were so valuable to me. During labor, she kept me centered and comfortable. Despite being induced due to my complications, Jac helped me stick to my birth plan and have the most enjoyable experience anyone on Pitocin could possibly ever have!" 
-  Kara H.

"I've used Abigail as a doula in the hospital twice and have taken a class with both Abigail and Jac. Both women are incredibly knowledgeable, very professional, and wonderfully friendly! I cannot recommend their services enough!." 
-  Barbara B.

Jac doula.jpeg

"I used Abigail as a Doula and I cannot fully express how amazing she is. I unfortunately wasn't able to take her birth classes but she recommended some great reading for birth and specifically, for VBAC. Abigail was a wonderful calming presence and her entire demeanor AND the shirt she wore, helped me keep going after hours of labor and exhaustion. If she had not been there to encourage me and help me focus, I would have given up and had a repeat c-section just to be done with labor. I absolutely recommend her services to all mom's to be, whether it is your first baby or your 5th." 
-  Julie M.



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