Pregnancy and Birth Support

Why are we so passionate about what we do(ula)? Because pregnancy and birth are part of a sacred journey, one that leaves a lasting impact on those involved. All families can benefit from having an experienced doula by their side, offering constant support and unmatched care.

This is nothing new - we see in history that it's always been the norm for new parents to be surrounded and uplifted by a nurturing community. We are here to be a part of YOUR community and to act as a trail guide along your journey into and through parenthood.

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So Now What??

Perhaps you've decided that a doula would be a great asset to your birth team. Or maybe you still aren't sure if it's right for you, but you want to learn more. So what's next? We offer a free consultation, to allow you to meet our team and ask questions. We would love to hear about your wishes and goals and to share how we can use our knowledge and skills to benefit you.

All of our doula packages can be customized to fit your specific needs. Reach out today and let's plan a time to chat. We can't wait to meet you.

All of our Birth Doula Packages include:


  • Free, no pressure consultation to meet with our doula team and see if we're the right fit for your family.

  • Phone and text support through the entirety of your pregnancy and through 12 weeks postpartum. (Trouble with leg cramps? Wondering at 10 pm if it's normal for baby to have green poop? Need to video chat with a latch question? We're there to help)

  • Prenatal visits, in which we'll assist in creating birth and postpartum plans, discuss your specific birth desires, teach comfort measures, and prepare with you for a positive birth experience. This time also allows us to get to know your family, and learn how we can best support your unique goals and needs.

  • Discount on any of our classes and postpartum services.

  • Access to beneficial pregnancy and birth tools, such as a TENS unit and birth balls, as well as a large library of books and videos.

  •  In-person birth support, at any point in labor. Your doula will join you during labor, either at home or at your birth place, to offer educational, physical, and emotional support, and will remain with you until the birth of your baby.

  • After birth care. Your doula will stay with you for the hours after birth, to offer support during the immediate postpartum time and assist in breastfeeding, if desired.

  • Lactation/Feeding support. If you need extra hands on support, your doula will visit you either in the hospital or at home to offer hands on help, and can offer referrals to other providers when appropriate.

  • Postpartum visits in the weeks following birth, to support the transition as your family adjusts to your newest tiny member.

#1 - The Mockingbird Package

A great choice for seasoned parents or those choosing a Cesarean birth!


  • Everything listed above

  • 1 Prenatal Visit

  • Virtual Birth Planning Session

  • On Call Support Through all of Pregnancy

  • 2 Postpartum Visits in the 6 Weeks Following Birth

$1000 Investment

$300 Retainer Fee



#2 - The Apple Blossom Package

Full Pregnancy and Birth Package -
Our most popular choice!


  • Everything listed above

  • 3 Prenatal Visits

  • Private or Group Childbirth Class

  • On Call Support Through all of Pregnancy

  • 3 Postpartum Visits in the 6 Weeks Following Birth

$1200 Investment

$300 Retainer Fee


#3 - The Diamond Package

Our deluxe option - for those desiring extra support through the whole journey.


  • Everything listed above

  • 3 Prenatal Visits

  • Private Birth Class tailored to Your Goals

  • On Call Support Through all of Pregnancy

  • 4  Postpartum Visits in the 6 Weeks Following Birth

  • 8 hours of Postpartum support, to be used in the month following birth

$1600 Investment

$400 Retainer Fee


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Natural State Doulas are experienced in supporting a wide variety of births - Hospital Births, Home Births, OB or Midwife, VBAC, Cesarean Birth, Induction, Long Labors,  Unmedicated, Epidural, Hypnobirthing, Birth after Loss, and more! You can rest easy knowing that we are prepared to support your goals without personal bias and with excellent evidence-based care.

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