Pregnancy Yoga

Birth Preparation

We offer a variety of class options for pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Don't see the right fit for your needs? Contact us today to arrange a private class, tailored just for you.

Classes are evidence-based, interactive, and fun!


"Abigail’s class series is amazing. Upon completion I felt like I had all the tools and information necessary to make informed decisions during my son’s birth. I had a lot of anxiety surrounding this birth because I was planning to VBAC- basically I was terrified. As they say, knowledge is power! She definitely helped calm my fears. Also, her support didn’t end with the last class session. When my due date came and passed (WAY passed) Abigail took time out of her own busy schedule to help me. She used her knowledge from Spinning Babies to help me position baby in the best way for labor. She also provided many resources and ideas for things I could do at home to help get baby and myself ready for labor. I highly recommend Natural State Doulas." 
- Elizabeth H.


Every procreating human needs to take this class! No matter what type of birth you're planning to have (hospital/birth center/home), Abigail's series will fill you with knowledge and confidence. Mamas will learn what her body is doing along every stage as well as postpartum expectations. Partners will learn how to be an active birth coach, how to help mama in a variety of ways before, during, and after birth. Everyone thinks I'm "brave" for having a non-med homebirth. No way! I could not have done it without Abigail's class. Learning how to make informed decisions, what a supportive birth team looks like, and what my body was doing were the reasons I (and anyone) could have a confident birth!

- Carol C.

Natural State Doulas is based in Fort Smith and happily serve the River Valley and Northwest Arkansas regions.


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