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Breastfeeding Support

However you choose to feed your baby, we are here to offer support in the form of information, resources, and encouragement  Breastfeeding is a natural act, but like many worthwhile things, it can come with challenges and struggles. We are passionate about providing the knowledge to assist you and your baby in learning how to overcome hurdles and to have a joyful breastfeeding relationship.

Young beautiful mother, breastfeeding he

We offer breastfeeding support when and where you need us. During your hospital stay,  in the comfort of your home, or via a virtual check in. During a lactation visit we'll assess your baby's latch (or help you with getting baby to the breast if that's your goal), discuss your concerns, and assist you in building confidence. You'll learn the basics of breastfeeding and important steps for success. Call or message us today!

Want a Breastfeeding Class?
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