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Birth Story - Deb and Cody

We are so excited to have the privilege today of sharing a the words of some cherished past clients. Playing a small role in their journey was a true joy, and observing the love and intention that they brought into this pregnancy and birth was a wonderful thing to witness. Cody and Deb made the choice to switch to a new care provider just weeks before birth. Then, due to sickness, they ended up only meeting her virtually before their big day came! Despite that, they said after they wouldn't have changed a thing, and felt well supported and respected. We also had the opportunity to attend this birth together, which is rare for us. We treasure every birth we attend, and this is no exception! Deb and Cody made the perfect team, and Deb's mental fortitude was amazing to see in action through her long labor and birth.

No resistance means no barrier, no separation between you and the full experience of life. - Eli Jaxon-Bear "At 37 weeks I got Covid, cancelled my work schedule, and quarantined at home with Cody. At the end of our quarantine, I entered early labor on Friday at 8 pm.;Contractions were at about 40 seconds, 5-7 minutes apart. That night I only got to sleep a few minutes between contractions. Saturday, believing the baby was transverse (never got to check position of the baby because of meeting my doctor only once before birth at 36 weeks) we spent the day working on Spinning Babies, we tried everything with the support of our doulas. Another sleepless night, as contractions became more intense. I became exhausted, hoping contractions would subside so I could rest; instead I ended up counting the hours making sure Cody got some sleep. Sunday at 6 am, I had no more strength to keep on going like that, so I asked Cody to call the doctor. She returned our call right away but we missed it, and we waited all the way until about 10 am to call again. Finally she suggested we go to the hospital, since I'd been into labor for way too long with no rest. A relief took over me as at this point the baby's position wasn't as important anymore, I just needed to do something to move things along. We packed, and by 11 am we were admitted at the hospital. I was 90% effaced, 3 cm dilated. With an ultrasound we learned we were trying to help a baby that was perfectly positioned for birth…thank God he was stubborn. Getting to the hospital made me feel safe and at ease, so my body responded. Labor began to move along, and I quickly moved to 6 cm. The arrival of Natural State Doulas was a game changer in making the hospital space sacred and beautiful; they dimmed the lights, placed candles and affirmations around the room. So far, I was coping really well despite tiredness from not sleeping, I used deep breathing and body scan relaxation through each wave of sensation, resting in between. Our amazing doulas offered some other tools, - essential oils, music, peanut ball, tens unit, and light touch were all really helpful for me. Cody was a rock throughout it all; he, Jac, and Abigail (doulas) were 100% present with me, attentive and encouraging.

Labor was progressing great until we hit 8 cm, where we got stuck for a few hours.. my awareness of time was long out the window. At this point, doulas and Cody got to rest some as I attempted, but the pressure was gradually increasing in my hips so I couldn’t sleep. Our doctor came in and suggested breaking the waters to possibly move things along. She respectfully told me to discuss it with my birth team, but I was tired and ready; let’s do it. She said it wouldn’t hurt and it didn’t, honestly everything so far was experienced as strong pressure or sensation , but nothing I would describe as pain. The water breaking was such a warm relief, however I knew things could get way more intense now. Our doulas suggested changing the environment and positions, I hesitantly agreed since I was comfortable with my coping so far and I was afraid to change paces, but trusted their expertise.

Music got more upbeat, lights brighter, and intensity was turned up. I went from controlled breathing and relaxation into primal bearing down. At this point, there was no controlling my position, or sounds I made; I had just to ride whatever that wave was bringing and asking of me. It was wild, powerful, and incredibly intense… the only option was to surrender. Holding hands with my birth companions, encouraging and loving words were what helped me to stay present here. Between contractions I jokingly asked my doulas “who was the lunatic that thought this was a good idea?” Even being suggested to go to the restroom was a big ask, but I pulled all strength I had to stay with it and do what needed to be done… While gazing into everybody’s eyes, I’ve felt so sacred again. I could remember, I didn’t have to lose sight of who I was, much bigger and stronger than those intense temporary sensations. Lion King was all I had in my mind 😅🤣😍. I knew I could make it. I don’t know how long has passed and don’t remember transitioning into my doctor being in the room, but next thing I knew she was there encouraging me to find a good position to push. I wanted to go on my back but resisted, so I tried hand and knees. That didn’t feel right, I tried side lying which felt terrible, and the idea of squatting was just insane to me at this level of exhaustion. So I just did it; I laid on my back, propped up. One doula holding one of my legs and a hand, Cody on the other side doing the same, and with each push I gave my all. With the encouragement of my birth companions and great doctor, I didn’t lose faith. Doubt crossed my mind, but their hopeful faces kept me going. So I pushed and pushed for 3 and a half hours. When his head was emerging I was offered to feel it, and I hesitantly placed my index finger and immediately said “No thank you, that’s too weird heh.” A mirror was offered, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open during pushes, they needed all my focus and energy. His head finally emerged, it actually felt good to take a moment to rest there. When I thought I had no more strength, another push and he was out! When he was placed on my chest I just couldn’t believe it, all I could say was “There’s a baby, there’s actually a baby!” That was the only time I felt pain, so I asked for something to release my attention from my vagina so I could focus on my precious baby. Ibuprofen did it. When it was time to birth the placenta I had nothing in me; my doctor gave me a shot of pitocin on my leg and it was out. Baby got all the blood from it, then Cody cut the cord. Cody was so loving all along, whispering loving words to my ears when I thought I had nothing else to give to the birth. I’m in awe with the patience, respect, and presence of my birth team… 22 hours at the hospital is no joke, giving and supporting all along. I’m humbled by them!!! I felt the love and respect every second of the way. So shout out to my amazing husband, outstanding doulas, and badass Dr. Scally. I cannot imagine my birth without each one of them, it was sacred, beautiful and the least invasive as we dreamt of. ❤️

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